Paci Civil ID Card Home Delivery

How To Apply For Paci Civil ID Card Home Delivery Service?

The Kuwaiti government has implemented a system that enables citizens and non-citizens to finish the required paperwork and get their Civil ID in their homes.

You can renew your expired civil ID and have it sent to a different address, such as your preferred home or place of employment.

PACI introduced the Paci Civil ID Card Home Delivery Service in Kuwait in response to this necessity. Go here to find out the status of your ID card delivery request and request.

We will also review how to determine if you have received a civil ID card at home. Let’s get right to the point of the entire guide.

How To Apply For Paci Civil ID Card Home Delivery

These online services for Civil Information, or PACI Kuwait, are under the Public Authority’s authority. PACI always strives to enhance its government services for locals and citizens alike. The online delivery of civil identification documents is one of PACI Kuwait’s services.

The Civil Id Delivery Paci service was introduced in November 2020. The main reason for starting this service was to help Kuwaitis affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. This is the entire process because it is challenging for individuals to enter the office during the lockdown. Requesting Delivery.

Registering a civil ID in Kuwait for home delivery

Go to the webpage on your laptop or mobile device’s browser. If the page opens in Arabic, you can switch to English by clicking the button in the upper-left corner. 


Select to accept the delivery company’s terms and conditions

Visit to view the terms and criteria for the civil card distribution service. After reading it, click “START” after choosing from the drop-down menu “I agree and accept the terms of the delivery service.”


Determine if you already have an old civil identification card

You will be taken to a new page with two options after accepting the terms and conditions of the PACI delivery Kuwait service. If you already have an old civil ID card, click the box that says “Old civil ID card is available.” Conversely, in the event that you lack an old identity card, check the box labeled “Old Civil Id card is not available.”


Enter the number on your ID card

In this box, input the serial number from your civil ID card. 


Type your name, address, and other information

After the number and serial number on your civil ID card, you must enter your personal information:

  • Addresses on cards or at home
  • Name
  • The time of delivery
  • Email address; mobile number
  • preferred communication language
  • When you fill in your delivery address, you will be given the following three options:
  • Please include the card address.
  • Change your PACI address number.
  • “Input a manual address here.”
  • After deciding which option best fits your needs, fill out the form.

Pay the invoice

Once all the required data has been entered, review the delivery information and proceed to pay for the delivery of Kuwaiti civic identification. After receiving the money, you will receive an acknowledgment receipt; please store it securely.


You can download it to your smartphone or print it off. 


How Much Is The Civil Card Delivery Fee

PACI declares the delivery price at KD 2. Please be advised that this amount is just for one delivery if someone registers numerous civil ID cards to be delivered to the same address. The citizen or resident must pay 0.25 more Kuwaiti dinars for each subsequent civic card.

Everybody who covers the necessary expenses can have their card sent to their door at the most convenient time. The Public Authority for Civil Information has dramatically served the Kuwaiti people with its endeavour.

Benefits Of Deliver Civil Card At Home

  • Offer delivery services to all Kuwaiti citizens. 
  • Reduce the volume of people picking up civil IDs manually.
  • Maintaining a distance from others and avoiding unsafe traffic during the COVID-19 Pandemic.
  • Process of Delivery Automation.

How Should I Fill Out My Contact And Address Information For Delivery Of Civil ID?

Step 1: The contact and address details include Name, Delivery Time (Evening or Morning, based on your availability), Mobile Number, Communication Language, and Email. 

Step 2: Then, provide the address information where you would like your civil identification to be sent. By default, the address on your civil card is shown to you. 

The address can be edited by clicking on it. Please provide your accurate new address when obtaining or applying for your Kuwaiti ID card. After choosing “More Options,” manually enter the address. 

Step 3: If you enter an incorrect address that cannot be located or traced, PACI will not be held responsible. Once you’ve chosen the next option, the system will verify your contact and address details from your civil identification. 

Step 4: After you choose the following option, the system will provide you the window for paying the delivery fees, which are 2 KD. 

Step 5: Select the bank and fill the spaces with your credit or debit card information. 

Step Six 

Once the PACI home delivery fee has been paid, submit the request. Please print your receipt number and your civil ID application for home delivery. We will provide your PACI Civil ID Identity to the location you specified. 

Civil ID Card Delivery Registration Process

The Civil ID Delivery Request Portal is open to all Kuwaiti citizens. You can access this portal if you live in Kuwait or are physically present there.

Let’s say you are requesting the delivery of a civil ID card from outside Kuwait. This service is restricted to Kuwaiti citizens living in Kuwait or the State.

The process for applying for a Civil Identity Card is as follows:

  • As a result, applying for the delivery of a Kuwaiti Identity Card is both free and extremely easy—no need to register for an account or use charges. Delivery to residential addresses will only cost two Kuwaiti dinars.
  • You will be presented with two alternatives when you click the Start button after going to this website’s URL, “”: Old card is available, or Old card is not available (if it is a first-time issuance or a baby).
  • The option “Old card is available” will be shown by default. Select the desired option to proceed.
  • Type your civil identity number in the first column and then the serial number. The serial number is on the reverse of your previous civil identification card.
  • Choose “Add” from the menu now.
  • Your civic identification card details, including the cost of delivery and the issuance of a replacement ID card, will be displayed after entering the following data.
  • Click the following button to complete the delivery form for the other ID.
  • After clicking Next, the contact and address details will appear.
  • Make sure you complete all the required fields.

How Do I Know If My Civil ID Is Ready?

There are various methods for confirming the validity of a civic ID. One is checking the Kuwaiti Civil Identification Status on the official website of the Kuwaiti government.

  • To find out the current status of your civil identification, visit the official Kuwaiti government website.
  • After inputting your Civil Identity Number, click the search icon.
  • Verify your civil identity’s status, indicating if it is prepared for processing or collection.

Guidelines for the Kuwaiti Civil ID Delivery Service

  • The beneficiary funds the civil card distribution service; the Public Authority for Civil Information is not in charge of it.
  • The first main card’s Civil ID delivery cost is 2 KWD. If you want your family’s additional civil ID cards to be issued to the same address, you must pay 250 fills, or one-fourth of a dinar, for each.
  • After the delivery company picks up your ID cards from PACI’s main office, it takes two working days to deliver them.
  • For any inquiries about the delivery service, call us at (220) 665-550.
  • If you request any more changes to your civil ID card, your existing request for its delivery will be canceled. You must also pay a new delivery fee and submit a new ID Delivery Request.
  • The customer is charged delivery fees “once and only” when a delivery request is processed.
  • Civil Cards ready for delivery are the only ones requested to be delivered.


People can quickly obtain their home IDs. For this reason, the official provides a free home delivery service. Citizens and residents who plan to use the facility must schedule an order or log in to the ACI website before receiving their IDs.

With the abovementioned procedures, obtaining a civil identification delivery is relatively straightforward. If you still have questions concerning Paci Kuwait civil ID home delivery services or Paci Kuwait civil ID home delivery payment, you can also ask questions in the comments section. Inquiries regarding Kuwait Civil ID’s delivery services can be posted in the comments section.


If you need a legitimate identity card, you can apply using the form on the PACI website. But you must provide proof of your citizenship or place of residence (along with a passport and a license).

  1. Select your city and the “application” option.
  2. It is necessary to enter your name, address, phone number, and email.
  3. Select the “Move” option from the drop-down menu.
  4. Obtaining a civil ID should come first.
  5. Ask your friend to email you with a link to your ID card.
  6. Contact the CI customer service division if you are still looking for the link.

You can print your official identification card. Kindly deliver it to the CI office. They will provide you with a copy of your ID card.

I assure you that in-house delivery will occur within two to three days after they obtain the identity card from PACI headquarters.

Please check the email address you typed twice. Please get in touch with customer service if this happens again.

Yes. The original copies of every file uploaded must be included as an attachment with the web form.

No. If you apply for your paci Kuwait civil ID delivery status from home, you won’t be charged an additional price.

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