PACI Online Payment

PACI Online Payment: Step-by-Step Guide for Secure Payment

Paci Online Payment is a cutting-edge and user-friendly digital payment system in Kuwait. It makes it simple and safe for users to make payments for services like civil ID fees and other government-related expenses. This guide will provide an overview of PACI Online Payment.

PACI Online Payment

Paci Online Payment’s digital infrastructure allows people and companies to conduct safe, practical online transactions. The steps to finish the process are as follows:

PACI Online Payment

Civil Id Fees Online Payment 5 kd

The fees for renewing civil cards, which apply to both citizens and foreign nationals, have been formally announced by the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) in the State of Kuwait. The following are the set fees:

Fixed Fee for Collecting the Smart Card:

Five dinars from Kuwait. This fee defrays the administrative expenses of the smart civil card’s issue and collection.

Fixed Fee for Collecting the Plastic Card:

Two dinars from Kuwait. This charge is required to cover the costs of creating and retrieving the plastic civil card. civil id online payment

Kuwait’s Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) uses the official website,, as the online payment platform for Civil ID services.

This portal makes it convenient for Kuwaiti citizens to pay for their civil ID costs. Its user-friendly interface, created with accessibility and convenience in mind, allows users to navigate with ease.

To sum up, PACI Online Payment provides a cutting-edge way for Kuwaiti citizens and companies to conduct safe and practical online transactions.

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