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Kuwait Mobile ID – Kuwait Mobile ID App – Kuwait Mobile ID Update

Kuwait Mobile ID. In Kuwait, mobile identity verification is carried out by the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI). This program was created to offer digital identity to both Kuwaiti citizens and residents. In this post, we’ll look into Kuwait Mobile ID’s features, registration requirements, and download instructions.

Kuwait Mobile ID Check

Kuwait Mobile ID Check: The Public Authority for Civil Information has it available. The following are just a few uses for digital IDs issued to Kuwaiti citizens and residents:

  • We are supplying a transportable mobile Civil ID for identification verification.
  • Electronic services provided by the government and private sector can be verified.
  • A reliable digital signature for transactions and documents made online.

PACI Kuwait Mobile ID

The Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) introduced Kuwait Mobile ID, a secure digital ID based on the Civil ID. Digital signatures, online service authentication, identity verification, and COVID-19 status checks are all offered.

Kuwait Mobile ID App

In Kuwait, Kuwait Mobile ID is an effective tool for digital identification of citizens and residents. You can download this app by following these steps:

  • You can download The Kuwait Mobile ID app from either “The Play Store” or “App Store“.
  • The Kuwait Mobile ID app has been launched.
  • Simply click “Sign In” and you are all set.

Kuwait Mobile ID Registration Online

For Kuwaiti citizens and residents, the process of obtaining this digital identity solution is made simpler with online registration for Kuwait Mobile-ID. To get started, take the actions listed below:

online regis.jpg
  • Please enter your Civil Number, Card Serial Number, or Mobile ID Serial Number (if you are applying for your first Civil ID), Passport Number (if you are not applying for Kuwaitis Version), E-mail, and Mobile Number.
  • The entered data needs to be confirmed.
  • You can now proceed by clicking “Next ”.
online registration.jpg
  • Verify your identity with a clear selfie.
  • Once you have clicked “Submit ”.
  • We will send a one-time password to the mobile number you provided via SMS.
  • Enter the one-time password and select “Proceed with collecting Mobile ID ”.
reg otp.jpg
  • Make a choice about your PIN code.
  • You can confirm by clicking “Confirm ”.
reg pin.jpg

It has been successfully issued to you a Mobile ID.

reg success.jpg

Kuwait Mobile ID Update

By taking these steps, you can upgrade the Kuwait Mobile ID app with the newest features and security improvements:

  • To log in, launch the Kuwait Mobile ID application.
  • Click the “Update” button located in the Notifications area at the top.
  • To view the most recent changes and measures for the app, click the “Update” button.

Kuwait Mobile ID Check Online

The following features are available to citizens and residents of Kuwait with a Kuwait Mobile ID wallet:

  • Included are credentials, including driver’s licenses, birth certificates, car registrations, AFYA health insurance cards, and children’s civil IDs.
  • For some credentials, you can view them in List View or Card View.
  • QR Codes make it easier to verify credentials.
  • Sharing of credentials made easy.
  • The option to add more credentials later on if necessary.
  • For a more thorough explanation, watch the video

Kuwait Mobile ID Website

The Kuwait Mobile ID website, available at www.hawyti.paci.gov.kw/English/Home.aspx, provides detailed information about the service.

Capturepaci 2

Applications of Kuwait Mobile ID

Government Services: With Kuwait Mobile ID Check, citizens can easily access a variety of government services, including filing taxes, renewing licenses, and paying utility bills.

Financial and Finance: Without requiring physical identification documents or signatures, Kuwait Mobile ID Check enables safe and practical financial operations, including account opening, fund transfers, and loan applications.

Healthcare: By using Kuwait Mobile ID Check, healthcare professionals can safely and effectively perform telemedicine services, access medical records, and confirm patients’ identities.

Travel and Immigration: By enabling travelers to swiftly and easily verify their identities using their mobile devices, Kuwait Mobile ID Check simplifies the immigration procedure at airports and border crossings.


The Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) gives Kuwaiti citizens and residents a substantial digital identity solution in the form of a Kuwait mobile ID. This safe mobile-based ID has a lot of features and functionalities.


The Huduma Namba website can be accessed at https://www.hudumanamba.go.ke/. Your ID number should be provided. [1] You will receive a message indicating whether your ID verification is complete.

The identity number appears on all of your national identification documents, such as your ID card, passport, resident permit, etc. You usually find it next to or below your name or birth date.

PACI ensures the security of your Mobile ID on the application and backend when you use it, while you safeguard it on your device.

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