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How To Apply For Kuwait Civil ID | Complete Guide In 2024

Both foreign nationals and Kuwaiti citizens must Apply For Kuwait Civil ID within 30 days of obtaining their residency visa. The Civil ID card, or bitaqa-al-madaniyah, is an essential document that certifies your eligibility to stay in the Gulf nation.

The Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) must process and issue this document, which usually takes ten working days.

A Civil ID card is another essential requirement for Kuwaiti citizens, as it enables the bearer to open a bank account, send their kids to school, and buy a car.

Being informed of the civil ID card application process is a good idea if you’re a recent expat residing in Kuwait. To apply for a civil ID online, complete the steps outlined in this article.

How To Apply For Kuwait Civil ID?

Carry all of your identity documents, including your civil card, if you have decided to remain in Kuwait for employment or residency to avoid running afoul of the law when navigating the city. The procedure to apply for a new civil ID in Kuwait is as follows. 

Step 1: To register for the civil ID, you must provide proof of your address. If you own a flat, have a copy of the rental home agreement. 

Step 2: If you are rooming with someone else, you need a copy of their civil identification card and house rent contract. 

Step 3: Print off copies of your passport’s first, second, and last pages. 

Step 4: Make a copy of your green paperwork permit. 

Step 5: Visit any typing center to pick up an envelope and the civil identification form (500 fills are charged). 

Step 6: Give them a copy of your passport and your home’s lease agreement, then ask them to complete the form (500 fills are charged). 

Step 7: The application must be signed by everybody you share it with. (The sign ought to match the home’s lease). 

Step 10: After completing the paperwork at the type center, take it to the clinic or hospital for a blood group test and a stamp. (They ask for two to four kd in exchange for this.) 

Step 9:Place two blue-backed photographs inside the envelope. 

Step 10: The next step is to mail the documentation to the PACI Office, which is located on the sixth ring road around South Soura. 

Step 11: Grab the token, go there early (ideally before 7 am, or otherwise you’ll be waiting for hours), and bide your time. 

Step 10: When your number is called, please give them your form in an envelope. They will input your data into the computer and review all the documentation. 

Step 13:That’s all. You should have your civil ID in two weeks. 

Step 14:You can check the status of your civil identification by calling this number (1889988) or visiting the website 

Step 15: When your civil ID is ready, visit the PACI office and pay 2k to pick it up. 

Important Notice: If an expat does not apply for a Civil ID card within 30 days after receiving their residency stamp, they will be fined 20KD.

Who Needs A Civil Identification Card?

Every Kuwaiti citizen who is older than 15 needs to have an identity card. Children under the age of fifteen are free. A person must wait until they turn 15, which also marks the beginning of adulthood, to receive an ID.

  • Your application must be submitted to the Civil Status Department if your birthday falls after September 1.
  • From November 1st, that is permissible.

What Is Kuwait Mobile ID?

A secure mobile-based digital identification created from the civil ID is Kuwait Mobile ID. It can verify a user’s identity for COVID-19 vaccination status, add reliable digital signatures to transactions and documents, and authenticate users for online e-services.

It also provides individuals and residents of Kuwait with a foundation for their government credentials wallet. This wallet will be equipped with the subsequent features:

  • Identification documents (birth certificate, driver’s licence, car registration, civil ID for each child, and AFYA health insurance card) were included.
  • Support for various credentials in several views (Card View, List View)
  • Credential verification with a QR Code
  • Exchange of certifications
  • permits the addition of other credentials in the future

Where Can I Enroll In The MID Service?

If you have an iOS, Android, or Huawei device that isn’t Play Store compatible, get Kuwait Mobile ID from the Huawei AppGallery, Play Store, or App Store. Self-registration using the application (High Verification Level).

Note: This enrollment channel will only offer ID verification and medium-level authentication. Strong-level authentication and signing services (Verification Level: Qualified) will not be supported by this option. Only one of the other channels—enrollment at PACI service centres and self-service kiosks—will be able to access it.

  • Self-service kiosk enrollment for Mobile ID (Qualified Verification Level). – The National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) has five locations: Surra, Al-Siddeeq, Avenues (next to IKEA), and its headquarters.
  • The Kuwait Finance House (KFH) has 16 sites, including its main office in Ishbliya and branches in Alsalam, Fahd Al-Ahmad, Subhia, and Ishbliya. The following are some of the branch names: Al-Abdallah Saad, Hetein, Fentas, Salwa, Al-Rehab, Al-Fayhaa, Al-Andalus, Mubarak Al-Kabeir, and Al-Kasr.
  • The Sabah Elsalem Branch, Al-Qasr Branch, Al-Siddeeq Branch, Al-Andalus Branch, and Al-Ahmadi Branch are the five Boubyan Bank locations.
  • Kuwait International Bank (KIB) has five locations: the Agela Branch, the KIB Head Office, the Farwaniyah Branch, the Al-Zahraa Branch, and the Jaber Al Ahmad Branch.
  • There are three locations for Burgan Bank: the head office, the marina mall branch, and the Al-Adiliya branch.
  • The headquarters of Al Rajhi Bank (2 Kiosks)
  • Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait (ABK) has five branches: the head office, the Fahaheel branch, the Jabriya branch, the Al Sabah Hospital branch, and the Al Adan branch.
  • The head office and the Avenues Branch are the two locations of Ahli United Bank.
  • The Commercial Bank of Kuwait (CBK) has four locations: the head office, the Fahaheel branch, the Jahra branch, and the South Surra branch.
  • SA19, PACI Headquarters Kiosks.

If I Receive The Notification “Your Mobile ID Is Not Active,” What Should I Do?

  • If you still need to renew your civil ID because it has expired, do so first. Next, click the “Update” button next to the Notifications button at the top of the screen to update your mobile ID.
  • Update your mobile ID by selecting the “Update” button located next to the Notifications button at the top of the page if your civil ID has already been renewed.


One benefit of the new ID card is that transactions between ministries and enterprises will proceed more quickly.

It also suggests that companies can check employee ID cards to find out if a worker is permitted to work in Kuwait. Expats need to make sure their civil cards are up to date as the deadline is drawing near in order to avoid fines.

If an expat loses their ID, they must go through a series of steps, which include obtaining a new passport and labour card at the nearest police station and then bringing the necessary documentation to the Civil Status Department in their neighbourhood.


If this is your first time registering, you have to bring your labour card and passport to one of three locations spread across Kuwait. It will require two weeks to finish.

You must report this situation to the police at the closest station. Again, you’ll need three copies of the new ID, the police report, and one more for the Ministry of Interior’s Civil Status Department. Additionally needed are copies of marriage certificates, birth certificates, passport-size pictures, and confirmation of Kuwaiti residency.

Regardless of age, all Kuwaiti citizens must have a Kuwait Civil ID. Within 30 days of acquiring their residency visa, residents must submit an application for their Kuwaiti Civil ID card.

applying for the delivery of a civil ID and paying 2 KD. After paying 5 KD and requesting a new ID, you will receive your mobile ID instantaneously; however, it will take at least 3–4 months for the Card to appear. If you want to know if your request has been approved already, you can check the delivery website every now and then.

All Kuwaitis older than 15 must have a civil ID card as of September 1, 2017.

A card is not required to register with the Ministry of Interior but is required to apply for a residency permit.

Indeed, you still have to apply for a driver’s license.

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