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How To Track Civil ID Delivery In Kuwait?

After applying to PACI Delivery Kuwait, would you like to view the status of your Track Civil ID delivery? By reading this blog post, you can keep track of PACI Home Delivery’s progress. A civil ID card is used to identify Kuwaitis and foreign residents of Kuwait. It shows all of the pertinent data for your stay in Kuwait.

Without a PACI Card, you cannot participate in any legally allowed activity in Kuwait. Not even a bank account can be opened on your company’s behalf. You will receive your ID card soon after applying if your Civil Identity card is sent to your home address after a predetermined amount of time. Utilizing the tracking ID delivery tool to monitor your delivery status would be helpful.

Steps To Track PACI Civil ID Delivery Kuwait

Follow the instructions to track the delivery of a Kuwaiti civil ID online.

  • Check out their PACI home delivery service on their website.
  • Go to the drop-down menu and click the “Options” link.
  • Tapping it will select “Delivery Request Status.”
  • Click the search button after entering your PACI ID number in the Query box.
  • As soon as you press the button, your ID details will show.

The Kuwaiti government guarantees the safety and security of your ID information. They promise that a sturdy logo and a safe envelope will be on your PACI card when it gets to its destination.

Kuwait’s Civil Identification Delivery Tracking Number

The Public Authority for Civil Information mentioned the civil ID home delivery Kuwait status service context in this guide, and we will provide the civil ID delivery tracking number Kuwait that they said. The State of Kuwait’s citizens and residents are welcome to request whatever information they need from the Public Authority for Civic Information on the civic card.

Tracking Civil Id Delivery

The Civil ID Delivery Tracking Service is one of the services offered by the Public Authority for Civil Information. It requires the user to follow the position of his civil ID’s arrival as soon as the electronic home delivery service is engaged. One of the following techniques is employed to do this.

Kuwait Civil Id Home Delivery Tracking Link

Through the linked URL, you can track the delivery of your civil ID and determine if it is ready for acceptance by entering your civil ID number and choosing the inquiry icon.

Civil Id Tracking Number For Home Delivery

Once the service is activated and the relevant payments are paid, the delivery company will get in touch with you. You can reach them by phoning any of the following lines, or you can call that number to inquire about the status of the delivery of your Kuwaiti civil ID:

The civil identity card home delivery service has made it simpler for citizens and residents to obtain their civil ID after applying to renew or issue it at the residence door. Thanks to our article, you now have the necessary information to follow the delivery of the civic ID to Kuwait. After submitting this request, you will need the URL and number.

The Civil Id Card’s Purpose Is Still Being Processed

Kindly try again in a week. Processing of the civic identification card is presently underway. This message is being issued due to the excessive amount of incomplete work. Your card number will be available as soon as the more than 2 million civil ID cards still undeliverable in Kuwait are delivered. And this is happening as a result of the current situation.

Furthermore, this is happening because additional staff is needed. Everyone knows that workers comprise half of the workforce in all companies and government agencies.

To handle this responsibility, the current department offers the civil identification card service at your residence. This civic identification card for massage will also soon be processed and concealed. Therefore, if you have already paid for the card and have not received it, don’t worry—it will quickly be delivered to your home address.

Why My Civil Identification Card Is Still Pending?

There are two ways that you can fix this problem. Any method can be used to obtain a civic ID card swiftly. The following are the particulars of these two strategies:

  1. Paci civil ID sent to Kuwait
  2. Making an appointment for civil ID in Kuwait

You can also pick up your card quickly and easily by sending it to your home address. There is also the second method, which requires you to file a complaint regarding your card. After you follow the procedure, you are granted compliant status by the current PACI department. This second method, though, takes two to five days. You will receive a civil identification card immediately if you choose the first option.

How Long Would It Take To Complete This Civil Id Card?

If you are a cardholder, you will often receive this notice following payment of the outstanding balance. The card typically takes five to ten days to issue, but because of staffing constraints and limited office hours, this may not always happen. The process now takes one month. On the other hand, you can have your card in fewer than ten days if you select the Home Delivery Civil ID option. You received our home address on the card as a result.


With the help of this article, you may quickly check the status of your Civil ID card online from the comfort of your home. To obtain the results, follow these steps to the PACI website.

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