Change Name on Kuwait Civil ID

How to Change Name on Kuwait Civil ID Complete Guide 2024

Change of Name on Kuwaiti Civil ID What would you alter about your civil ID name? Isn’t it not that difficult? These are the actions that you must take.

Should the names on your civil ID and passport differ, there can be an issue. It can be an issue if your name appears twice on your documents, but it will be fine if it occurs once on both.

Running out of food or opening a new bank account might impact your day and work life. A civil ID must be changed with multiple documents.

  • The back of your civic identification card has a serial number.
  • Please enter your mobile number to obtain a verification code if you would like one.
  • The image measures 24 by 6 with a blue backdrop.

You shouldn’t worry because changing the name on your Kuwaiti civil ID with us is simple and takes only a few minutes. This can be done with a PC, laptop, or mobile phone. Check the status of your civil ID first to ensure that it is valid.

Change Name on Kuwait Civil ID

Kuwait Civil ID Name Change Process

Please follow these steps to change your civil ID name easily.

Step 1: Go to the PACI Envelope system website

Step 2: Select the updated name

Step 3: If you find the page in Arabic, you can change the language at the top of the page to English.

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Step 4: In the Latin Name for Non-Kuwaitis section, click on Update Latin Name.

Step 5: The image you have been given shows you a new page will appear.

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Step 6: Enter your civil ID number or the serial number on the back of your civil ID. Please click on the continue button.

Step 7: If you did not submit your civil ID for renewal, you will get a message saying you can’t update your Latin name because there is no issuance request for your civil ID, as shown below.

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Step 8: Enter your mobile number and click on send verification code. A message of verification will be sent to you.

Step 9: A new form will open to verify the code after entering the code.

Step 10: The next page will lead you to another window where you can enter all the required data.

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Step 11: After that, you should submit passport-size images with a blue backdrop. A check will then show up; click it to proceed. 

Step 12: Your specified mobile number will receive a reference number. Examine the status of your application. 

Step 13: You will receive a payment link after carefully reviewing and accepting your application. Please wait for this to happen. 

Step 14: Get a new civil ID by going to South Surra Paci and exchanging your old one. 

To help you change your Kuwaiti civil ID, follow these procedures. Updating your biodata will be simple and helpful for you in this way.

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Kuwait Civil ID Name Change Required Documents

Generally, for a name change on a civil ID, you might need the following documents:

  • Copy of the nationality
  • Copy of the civil id
  • Copy of the birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate (for the married)
  • Birth certificate of the children


With the PACI Envelope system website, changing your Kuwait Civil ID name is a simple process that takes only a few minutes to finish. People can avoid potential problems in different areas of life by following instructions and ensuring their civic ID matches other official documents. The comprehensive tutorial highlights the ease of use of a computer, laptop, or mobile device while streamlining the procedure.

The significance of precise information is emphasized, and a set of frequently asked questions (FAQs) provides readers with more details. The overall goal of the described process is to make it easier for people to update their biodata and make the process less complicated for those who want to alter the name on their Kuwaiti civil ID.

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You can check the spelling and accuracy of your civil ID name online by following these steps:

Click this link to visit the official Civil ID website of Kuwait.
Select this to view the name and details on your ID card.
Kindly provide your Civil ID number.
If you could give me any other details, like your name or birthdate, that would be very appreciated.
Send in your request.
Give the system time to validate your details.
Your name as it appears on your ID card will be shown once your information has been validated.

Check out the webpage for the Kuwaiti Government Electronic Services Platform. Enter your MOI login information and click “Travel Ban” to check if the current travel ban applies to your account.

Accessing the application requires logging into your Kuwait Mobile-ID. To update your ID, select it from the main menu. You can make updates to your ID using the mobile app. Click Accept after reading the agreement.

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